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ADL Utensil Holder 3-1/4 to 4-1/2 Inch MCP Width

  • Helps stabilze your fork, spoon, or knife which facilitates independent self-feeding
  • Helpful for people with arthritis, upper extremity weakness, difficulty grapsing, and those with disabilities
  • Hook and loop with D-ring allows for easy closure

Ankle Brace Sport Aid™ Medium Lace-Up Male 9 to 10-1/2 / Female 7-1/2 to 9 Left or Right Foot

  • Designed to provide compression and to reinforce weakened or injured ankle and foot muscles
  • This support is a boot-style splint with a foam-padded tongue, front laces, and an open heel and toe
  • Made of canvas lined with a soft flannel and a foam padded tongue

Bed Pull-Up Assist Device BedCaddie 48 to 84 Inch Length

  • Ladder design with three hand grips make it easier to sit-up in bed
  • Clip the BedCaddie to the bed fram at the foot of the bed
  • Can be used with any Stander bed rail to help you easily get out of bed
  • Adjusts in length from 48 to 84 inches to fit any bed
  • 10 per case

Compression Stocking Aid JOBST® Up to 18 Inch Calf Circumference

  • Makes the task of donning compression stockings easy
  • Ideal for people who have limited dexterity or have difficulty reaching their feet
  • Use with closed and open toe compression stocking

Dart® Sterilization Daily Air Removal Test Pack Steam

  • The Dart test is an easy to use, lightweight, compact, one-piece system ready for use
  • The Daily Air Removal Test is placed directly into an otherwise empty steam sterilizer chamber and does not require a retaining device
  • Functions as a AAMI Bowie Dick type test
  • Indicator strip can be kept as a permanent record
  • Lot number and expiration date on each test

Dart® Sterilization Daily Air Removal Test Pack Steam 8 Inch

  • Pre-assembled test device to evaluate the effectiveness of air removal from the sterilization chamber during a prevacuum steam sterilization cycle
  • A non uniform color change provides an immediate indication of inadequate air removal during the cycle
  • Consistent quality is maintained, and no material or labor resources are required to prepare the test device at the point of use
  • Eliminates the need for bulky towels or wrappers

Doorknob Extension 2 to 2-1/2 Inch Knob Diameter X 2-1/2 Inch Handle Length

  • Soft rubber molding that snaps on to the doorknob
  • The handle provides extra leverage
  • Ideal for users with limited grip strength and hand dexterity

First Aid Refill Kit First Aid Only™ 150 to 200 People Steel Case

  • 1437: Number of piece
  • 4 Shelf Class B+
  • Small Size

Mini First Aid To Go Kit, 12-Pieces, Plastic Case

  • Perfect for minor first aid situations.
  • Conveniently packaged in a durable shell.
  • Compact size allows for maximum portability.

Mouth Stick SammonsPreston® 16 to 23 Inch Length

  • Adjustable-angle mouth sticks allow better visibility and a more natural writing/typing angle
  • One is a pointer for keyboard or page turning
  • Telescoping end makes it easy to adjust length